Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Why No Mediafire

  1. Mediafire frequently delete our files and account. 7 times they delete our account with entire files in it. Files for 2 years of encoding are now GONE...!!!
  2. We are using Very Easy Use - to protect Mediafire links from deletion. But many SELFISH people out there still copying our Mediafire links without any protection to their own site. Thats make our Mediafire links can not survive more than 24 Hours
  3. Cant re-upload to Mediafire anymore, because once the files deleted it will be banned. If re-uploaded it will deleted again.
  4. This is very hard choice. We love our users. But we are really need to stop upload to Mediafire. There is no hope with Mediafire.
  5. No Mediafire doesnt mean the end of the world. We are now preparing our own filehosting. Hope it can serve You as well like Mediafire. Just keep supporting us.
  6. Sorry for my bad english ^^,

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